BAM MINI rechargeable bullet packs one hell of a punch with 10 super charged vibration modes. The ScreamingO Charged Vooom , despite its silly name, quite impressed me. It's the rechargeable version of their standard Vooom bullet, and is so damn much better, as rechargeable vibes are wont to be. It's pink, but it's a deep, sexy, purply-raspberry pink that I actually like.

The bullet vibe is also extremely quiet and is perfect for occasions that require you to keep your pleasure discreet. Our list of 40 bullet vibrators is a guide to help you discover an incredible would of pleasure from something so small that can be hidden in a pocket.

By switching the toy on at the base, you press through the different modes by clicking the same button. Size-wise, it's a happy medium between a bullet vibe and a classic insertable smoothie” vibrator: you could use it internally if you like your penetration on the shorter, thinner side, but I only use mine externally.

All in all, for frequent users it is better to obtain a USB or magnetic rechargeable bullet vibe, for users who prefer quantity over quality it is better to use battery-powered ones. The majority of bullet and egg vibrators are made from metal, body-safe plastic, and silky smooth finishes such as silicone.

What is even more disappointing is that I really wanted to like the VeDO Bam powerful bullet vibrator Mini Bullet, I had real big hopes for it… because it is the younger (or at least smaller) sibling of the VeDO Bam, which is a larger, slightly pricier, bullet with great rumble and good power.

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